Transfer Claims – About Us

Transfer Claims was launched in 2019 to monitor the various football transfer claims and rumours made by journalists, the mainstream media and so-called Twitter ITKs.

With almost twenty years experience of working online within the sports media industry, we have established an extensive network of contacts in the beautiful game which we can tap into. However, our primary aim is to keep you informed of what others are claiming. We’ll keep you updated on what the ‘Big Guns’ are reporting and also those anonymous characters on Twitter that claim to be ‘In-The-Know’.

The emergence of social media and the decline in potential online advertising revenue that football news websites can now generate has seen many online publications turn to click-baiting while Twitter ITKs will do anything to attract interest in their betting affiliations. Nobody knows who or what to believe anymore. Our aim is to help you navigate through the deliberately misleading headlines and the rubbish that you simply cannot avoid on Twitter.

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Although we need to generate revenue to exist, we limit the advertising that we display. We promise not to annoy you with auto-playing videos and multiple forms of pop-up advertising.